Frank O'Connor - President

With more than fifteen years of industry experience, Frank O'Connor has successfully spearheaded several businesses to their peak potential including Exigent Security Products, which he founded in 2008.

As a former Chief Technology Officer of several companies, Frank fostered the growth and integrity of critical technology infrastructures increasing sales and distribution channels. His technological foresight and innate leadership qualities have won him critical acclaim from both Microsoft and Cisco. His expertise lies in his ability to develop and implement technology strategies tailored specifically to individual business needs.

Dr. Leong Ying – Advisor

Dr. Leong Ying holds a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from the University of Liverpool and is an honorary professor of physics at The Institute for Basic Research.

Dr. Ying has more than a 20 years of experience managing and implementing science technologies and instrumentations. Prior to his role with STS, he served as the Vice President of the Princeton Gamma Tech instruments where he designed new products and developed proficient manufacturing processes, such as, the novel cryogen-free superconducting magnet, which was patented in 2008.

Dr. Ling has also lent his expertise to several publications including The Open Astronomy Journal, The Hadronic Journal and Physics World.

Dr. Megan Bennett

Radiation Safety Officer for Shale Testing Solutions – Dr. Megan Bennett has a PhD in radiochemistry from University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dr. Bennett specializes in chemical separations and instrumentation. She has experience ranging from basic science research and development to production facility operations for medical radioisotope manufacturing. This includes being a co-discovery of element 117 and establishing operations for production of Mo-99.